Energised Christmas Present & Ideas…

Wishing you all a VERY Happy Christmas & Festive Season!

Are you looking for an Energised Christmas Gift or Stocking Filler? We have a great few suggestions and ideas for all your Energised Friends and Family, or perhaps to treat yourself too 🙂

Firstly check the Energised Advent Calender Daily for Special Offers & Gifts from our Associate Companies and Friends including Kayleigh’s Jewellry, Arbonne, Sweatshop, Maxitone, Green Storm Jewellry, Sport Sister, Bodyfit, Ultrafit Magazine’s, B-Fit Expo Offers and much more: Click here: http://www.energisedperformance.com/blog/

First up the Stocking Fillers….

* £10 Energised Gift Vouchers – Perfect for a Saturday morning Big Bootcamp! First Saturday on each month…. 7th Jan 2012
* The Alternative to Chocolate coins – NaKD Bars, TORQ Bars or Maxitone/muscle Protein Bars – order by 12 th December or check for stock with EP!
* A Dynaband for Stretching or Strength Home Training – availbale for the Physical Company or Jordon Free Weights
* Dynamint Mini Bottle for £2 – perfect to remove aches and pains!
* Tickets to B-Fit Expo in Excel, London – all the leading fitness professionals and experts there to give you great advice – use the code KI12 to save £5 off your ticket and see our Head Coach Kim present: www.b-fitexpo.co.uk

A Great Fitness & Wellbeing Presents – The Energised Way :
* £50 EP Gift Vouchers for a Sports Massage, PT Session, Life Coaching & Mental Strength NLP Session
* £50 EP Gift Voucher perfect for Bootcamps, Flexi Bar, Ski Fit, Kettlebell and Alpha Bag Training Courses
* £50 for Workshops on Mental Strength for Performance or Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions
* Give them a Kettlebell, Flexi Bar, Alpha Bag of their own! Order by 12th Dec to gaurantee for Christmas
* POLAR Heart Rate Monitor – we stock and highly recommend the FT4, FT7 & FT40 and can offer 15% off if you order by 14th Dec (to gaurantee for Christmas – subject to post & snow! 🙂
* Bags of Protein, TORQ Electroylte, K-Tape, Foam Rollers – everything to support excellent performance
* 2012 Team Energised Clothing Range …. a New Year’s Gift now – exciting range coming soon

The VIP Ultimate Christmas Energised Gift!
* £100 – 500 vouchers to Invest in Personal Training, Mental Strength Training or Sports Massage to Achieve your Goals & More in 2012
* £100 Voucher for a Mental Strength Race Day 1;1
* £100 Voucher for a Posture, Core & Nutrition Wellbeing Package
* Dulux POLAR Heart Rate Monitor – we recommend FT60 & RS800CX – again 15% off if you order with us before 14th Dec to gaurantee for Christmas! Good times!
* £100 Voucher for a Body Confidence, Weight Loss & Toning Package
* £900 for the BEST Italian Fitness Camp: 6th – 12th May 2012 – all inclusive (terms apply – limited space left)

To find out more have a look around the Energised Performance Site, Visit our Shop Tab and Amazon Page for recommended books. To buy or discuss further give us a call 07720 845849 or email info@energisedperformance.com to discuss your Christmas (and maybe Birthday) requests, tailor a present specifically to someone and make sure it is the BEST gift ever on the day.

If you buy a Christmas present from us, we will give you a £5 Voucher as a Gift for YOU to spend on EP Services as a Thank YOU!

Please ensure you get in touch by 20th December unless you are happy with just an E GiftVoucher! Good Festive times….

Check Back soon for our Exciting 2012 Fitness, Wellbeing & Performance Programme – Energised Style! The BEST Year of your Life so Far!