14th Dec- Energised Advent = Speed Time & Great Offers…

Good Morning – This week is going to be an Intensive, Fun, Fat Burning Week! Join us wherever you are in the World!

14th December – Energised Advent Challenge Intensive Bootcamp – Getting Active This Week. Lets GO – Day 3!  Today complete a 2-6 speed pyramids, depending how you are feeling! Warm up, and then sprint 30, 60, 90, 60, 30 secs out, and then jog back. Think about your technique, engage your core and use your arms.

You can do the session on your own, or find a couple of friends to motivate each other for this session – focus on that Fitter, Leaner, Lighter more Energised YOU! Any questions just ask us :-)

Watch the 14th Dec Energised YOUTube Clip: http://youtu.be/SKUHYInR-vc

For more ideas and training sessions click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF09C111B6D993FF4&feature=mh_lolz

DO: 20mins brisk walk, full stretch & the Speed Session if you can 🙂

Today’s Inspired Thoughts

“Only the man who crosses the river at night, knows the value of the light of day.” Chinese Proverb

“You need chaos in your soul, to give birth to a dancing star…” Nietzsche

Today’s Offers & Friends:

Sweatshop Bristol: Buy the MotoATV and get £100 worth of clothing vouchers (whilst stock lasts!) Also available in many other Sweatshops – just ask to find out more, perfect running partner for Speed Sessions! Visit Jan & Heather in Bristol or Lon onto www.sweatshop.co.uk – check out there hugely popular ‘Stay Calm and go for a Run’  T Shirts too!

Sweaty Betty – get your kit for 2012 – up to 50% off many sale items! Check them out: http://www.sweatybetty.com/

Energised Christmas Gifts & Stocking Fillers TODAY get 15% off a Polar HR Monitor (we will try to get it to you for Christmas but cannot guarantee it)  if you buy any gift voucher, book a 2012 course or buy a product!! .… http://www.energisedperformance.com/product.php?xProd=687

Maxitone Advent Calender Daily Offers (Featuring our Head Coach Kim who has just been finalised as one of the Top 3 PT – winner announced soon!!) View Daily – Click on the link for today’s offer! : https://www.facebook.com/Maxitone?sk=app_246268778771409

Check this out if you have not already! In Kilter Fitness Advent Challenge – Stuart is an awesome PT, check out his daily YOUTube for a Festive Challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r36mi56OqX8&feature=youtu.be

Done TODAY …… Put £1 – 5 in a piggy bank for YOU as a reward, and £1-5 in www.teamhannah.com or any other charity pot you would like to support :-)

Do this daily and you can treat yourself at the end, and have given someone back to help someone else this Christmas time. Let us know how you get on!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the 15th December’s Advent Thought and if you want to view the other doors just visit previous Blogs – lots of top tips, offers and more – Happy Festive Time!

Book your 2012 Courses BEFORE Christmas to Guarantee your Place and BE the FITTEST, Energised, Confident & Happiest this coming year :-)

Photo With Thanks to the Evening Post: Head Coach Kim Ingleby and clients Dan Ward-Smith & Suzanne Roper 🙂