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I really enjoy running Energised Performance and for the purpose of this Blog – I LOVE writing!

I really enjoy supporting people to become fitter and feel great, inside & out.

I really enjoy giving people the tools to empower themselves, to improve themselves and feel confident in the person they are.

Here are a few links and thoughts of what we have been up to recently….


Sleep is sooo Important for Recovery, Energy, Strong Immunity and Wellbeing.

Here are my Top Tips from my Weekly Running Bug Blog: http://therunningbug.co.uk/rbblogs/energised-running-thoughts/b/weblog/archive/2011/12/12/trouble-sleeping-10-sleeping-tips.aspx

Check out Zeo the Sleep Tool too: http://myzeo.co.uk/?gclid=CLbs-vyq_awCFcMMtAodshcGSQ


Jordon’s Free Weights kindly asked my to test the Alpha Bags in August, a new product fresh from California!  We are regularly running small group training with them, so Lizzie from Sports Sister Magazine came along to test them out. Read what she thinks about them here: http://www.sportsister.com/2011/12/12/sportsister-tests-alpha-bags/

I will be presenting them at B-Fit Expo at Excel in London, 28th/29th Jan 2012 with a host of other AMAZING presenters, trade stands and much more: To SAVE £5 and Book your Tickets today visit: www.b-fitexpo.co.uk and quote KI12 at the checkout.


Little Mix Won the X-Factor, a HUGE Well done to them. They have highlighted the pressure girls feel to ‘look’ a certain way, and gave a heart felt story when they sang ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera.

One of Kim’s Specialist Areas is working with Women & Teenage Girls to help them Feel Good Inside & Out, Increasing Body Confidence as well as Fitness. She has written features for FitPro Virtual & Be Fabulous Websites on this topic: to read more click here: http://be-fabulous.co.uk/inspire/1378/black-swan-inside-out

By popular request we will be running workshops in 2012 – just send an email to be kept up to date.


Our aim is to help people complete their first race, be that a 5km or a marathon, triathlon or trek to the Artic! Whatever that challenge is (for charity or not), we will help you in your mind and body. We are working with many clients completing their first Marathon.  Linda has never run before and has just asked us to help her complete her first London Marathon (and race ever!). Here is her Blog sharing everything about this experience…. GO Linda! http://dcmarathonrunner.blogspot.com/

We will be running a 2012 London Marathon Workshop: Mind & Body … dates coming soon.

Whatever your Goal is in 2012, let us HELP YOU ACHIEVE THEM and have FUN whilst doing so! Just give us a call to find out more….