#WednesdayWorkout, move your body….


Aiming to move your body every day for 20mins can have significant positive effects on your health, better sleep, healthier heart & lungs, better circulation. Our modern sedentary lifestyle generally doesn’t allow as much time to move as our bodies need but there are small changes that don’t take up too much time and can be worked in as a lifestyle change.

The 10,000 steps challenge – ideal for those introducing or reintroducing activity into their lives, something to get you motivated, follow this link for more information www.nhs.uk/10000stepschallenge. Parkruns are also a great way to socialise and walk, jog, run with fantastic scenery. If you’re in doubt about your health levels check with your GP before starting new forms of exercise, take it steady and build up to goals.

There are lots of gadgets out there that can help with focusing on any goals you set for yourself – pedometers are cheap, simple to use and measure the number of steps you take while wearing it. Track your progress by keeping a record of your activity, set your goal and build steadily towards it. Pedometers have been shown in clinical studies to increase physical activity, and reduce blood pressure levels and Body Mass Index


A more high tech version is the Fitbit, this clever gadget ‘tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep—to help you find your fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact.’ The device syncs to your own web-based profile page, where targets can be set and awards can be achieved. They also come in a fab range of colours so something for everyone…… If swimming or triathlon is your go to exercise there are waterproof models that work really well for pool and open water training, for a comparison of what’s currently available click HERE.

Ready to take your fitness to another level? Join us at the Bristol Energised Fit Club for an outdoor 7 week fitness course, designed to get you running, fat burning and having fun with a group of like minded people, led by experienced, supportive coaches.  Sessions are a mix of running, HIIT (High Intensity Training), Core Strength and Stretching.