#MondayMotivation: Be Brave……


#‎Kimpossible‬ Monday kick for YOU… yes indeed So… you know that thing that scares you, but you really want to do it….?

Not a huge thing, but something that you know will make a difference to YOU and your life, confidence and daily well being….. Well, this Monday, I challenge you to go and do it.

Because, there will never be a right time, everything will never feel just right… sometimes you just have to do ‘it’. Here’s my commitment to you…..

I got a bike fit by the lovely people at the The Triathlon Shop in June 2013, then Weils nearly killed me off, then I tried to kill it off last September, then it nearly killed me again…. left with autoimmune encephalitis which pops up regularly enough to challenge me…. and give me millions of learnings.

Yesterday I decided was the day. The conditions were not perfect in me, but the weather and day was……I managed a very wobbly, very short bike ride on my own! Yippee, yippee.

So if you think, I’m waiting to feel this….. before I do this….. you may wait a long time. I was very nervous.

I know it will be a bit like a dance, forwards once step, rest two steps backwards, forward another. But hey, let’s go for that ride together…..

I want to live, bounce, laugh, love and be fit, inside and out. I want YOU (if you are ready) to join me this year and do just that…..

And so be brave, and commit to that one goal, that requires change, courage, belief and bravery….. do it, do it…. you never know who you will meet, what will happen, and in a year’s time you will have an experience, whatever the outcome, that will be worth the effort

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