#WednesdayWorkout: The Smallest Hotel Room Workout


Many of my clients, personalities and athletes that I coach travel a lot, this means you are often out of your routine and it’s hard to find a gym locally. Yet, packing your trainers and committing to keeping things flowing along are key to your wellbeing, strength and results.

It’s easy to pack trainers, roll up your sports kit in a Trigger Point Performance Therapy CZ+SK Foam Roller and keep active. I find it’s a great way to see a city and explore too.

So if you are in the Smallest Hotel Room, here’s a workout that would suit you. Also, if you are at home with young children, no where near the gym, don’t fancy the gym….. whatever, this will work too.

The Smallest Hotel Room Workout 

Moving Lunges – 10 each side
Plank – hold for 60 secs+
Tricep Dips – 20 reps
Dorsal Raise – 20 reps
Wall Squat – hold for 60+ secs
Side Plank – hold for 30+secs each side
Press Ups – to failure, good technique
Lower Leg Ab Extensions – 10 – 30 reps
2-4 sets & Full Stretch

2 Days away – pack your trainers and head out for a 30-90min walk/jog fartlek exploring run of the sights

If you have any questions about what would work best for you, do get in touch, we would love to help ‪#‎mylb‬ ‪#‎hotbod‬ ‪#‎thepossibles‬ ‪#‎feelgood‬