#ThursdayTherapy – acupuncture, what are your thoughts?

This Thursday EP Sports Massage Therapist Gail is interested in YOUR opinions…..

‘As a soft tissue therapist I feel it’s important to try out out the vast number of treatments available myself, from the holistic to the clinical. As some will know I have had a lot of physio and sports therapy treatment over the years but do believe that other treatments have merit and are sometimes more appropriate for some issues.

I’ve always been intrigued by Acupuncture as it has a long history but I have to be honest I’ve never tried it. I am a regular blood donor and if treatment isn’t done by a qualified medical professional (nurse or doctor) it counts as a piercing and donations aren’t allowed for 6 months.


I do intend to try out this treatment at some point but thought I’d ask all you lovely peeps your thoughts on this, have you had Acupuncture? Would you recommend it? What do you think of the many different treatments out there? Is it difficult to know which is the most suitable treatment for you?

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