The Rebel Diet……


The sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous….. out comes your Bikini, Shorts and T Shirts…..and you try the fifth diet of the year?!  If this sounds familiar, and you would like to learn how to eat effectively to help you become lighter, more confident and full of energy then buy this interesting, exceptionally easy to read and well written book.  The Author, Emma James is a World Record Powerlifter, as well as an outstanding Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy.

The publishers say….

“At last, here is a real diet for real people in the real world. This is the only diet that forces you to cheat! Claim your right to be you and break free from diet prison and rebel. Imagine a diet system which not only makes you cheat, a one which changes your perspective, regains your control and puts you in charge of your own body, the “Rebel Diet” is the answer! This is more than just a diet, the “Rebel Diet” addresses those states of mind which affect your metabolism, shows you how to change them and covers complex areas like comfort eating and body image problems. “The Rebel Diet” welcomes you to a brand new world and a brand new you where this revolutionary new diet system deals with you as a whole person. Emma James says: ‘It’s not a mystery, not the Holy Grail, and not some secret to which only a few people hold the key – regardless of the gurus charging vast amounts per hour tell you. Once you understand the principles and get to know your body, dieting is straight forward’. – buy it today and let us know what you think – its only £7.19 with this link, and its received five star ratings!

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