Head Coach Kim passes her Master Hypnotherapy, NLP & TLT(TM) Exams!

Over the last few weeks, Head Coach Kim has been training and being assessed for qualification in her Master Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Time Line Therapy (TM) Certification – and she is really pleased, and excited to be able to say that she has passed all three!

And what will this do for you…. well Kim says, ” By developing and advancing my skills in these areas I will be able to help you gain the edge and enhance your performance in sport even more.  I will also be able to work with you to enhance your well being mentally, and physically – and work with you on positive body image, good energy, positive thoughts (so helping with depression potentially) and goal setting to achieve your dreams and more….  I have been training with Emma James, one of the most talented and well respected trainers in the World. My skills and knowledge have been tested, and advanced, and it has been a privalege to be able to train with such an inspiratonial World Record holding individual.”

I look forward to continuing to work with you, and begin working with you in the future – so if you would like to move forwards with your goals, enhance your sports performance, and achieve more than your ever thought was possible do get in touch by the contact form, or giving me a call on 07720 845849.

For more information about each area please visit:  Emma James www.emmajamesnlp.co.uk  & www.tad-james.com to follow links for Time Line Therapy (TM), NLP and Hypnotherapy.