#FridayFood – Maybe Weird Breakfast Combo & Powers of Luck

Happy Friday to you all…

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This week’s #FridayFood had to be Breakfast, since I am having a 12 hr fast for some medical tests!  And I love my breakfast, and second breakfast…. I really believe that eating little and often, good food is key to feeling good. It allows your brain to keep working well, keeping your immunity strong, your energy good and your muscles full of power.

Your body will however adapt, so if you don’t eat regular meals packed with good nutrients you may find yourself not feeling hungry as your metabolism slows.  Now, I coach all sorts of different people, and everyone works differently, so it’s about working out what works best for your body and mind, to give you the best look, feel and thoughts. I have done lots of educational nutritional and hormone courses over the years with CHEK, Dax Moy & Phil Richard most recently, and like anything there are various schools of thought. What I think is key, is listening to what works for YOU.

And this will change as you do different goals, and you become ‘older’ in age, yet if you do our #WednesdayWorkout then you may even look younger (let us know if you try it!).

Here’s my Breakfast suggestion….. dare you to try it 🙂

Powerful Porridge!

Looks potential debatable, but tastes great I can assure you!

Gluten Free Oats, Quinoa flakes, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, chai seeds, brazil nuts, almonds, goji berries, blueberries with cinnamon (i add black pepper), green powder & sometimes Sun Warrier or Rawlicious Protein… mixed up with water, coconut water, organic milk or almond milk.  Takes a bit of prep, but I totalyl believe this sets you up for the day…  you may prefer to drink the green powder over mixing into your porridge!

Find out more about Green Powder, it’s top class ingrediants and results here: http://greenpowder.co.uk/, I have been testing for 2 bags and highly rate it.












Second Breakfast, post strength training

2 boiled eggs, on homegrown Kale & Rocket with Fine Oils, black pepper and sea salt

Check Fine Oils Out: Olive Oil from the Andes, we can order for you to collect in Bristol: http://fineoilsandingredients.com/) – pure, delicious olive oil with 3 options to buy

I drink a pint of water with lemon, then a pint of Organo Green Tea, with added Ganoderma Lucidum Mushrooms.  One of the leading UK Trainer’s Pete Cohen recommend this to Team Energised and I really think that it does boost your energy, immunity and improves digestion and mood, over conventional Green Tea’s If you love your coffee there is one for you too.

Healthy Green Tea, Hot Chocolate & a range of Coffee: To find our more do ask us, or check it out here: http://kimingleby.myorganogold.com/products/

These are just a couple of my breakfast suggestions, more to come…. what do you like for breakfast, love to know?

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Remember you can check back to #WednesdayWorkout & #MondayMotivation to find out more each week to boost you on your way to #summerhotbod’ness!

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Quick Friday GOOD LUCK Gain the Edge Powers to everyone racing this weekend, especially Claire Doherty, Ironman UK and Penny Harris, Challenge Roth – big, big challenges that I know you will love and be amazing at, go for it.  Also, to Lucy Jackson at Aachen, CICO3* Eventing, everyone doing the GWR Big Bike Ride to be looked after by the Energised Event Massage Team (led by Team therapist Gail White) and all doing the Cotswold Triathlon. Be amazing and enjoy yourselves. 

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