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‘A negative mind will never build a positive life’ Katie Piper  (speaking at FitPro, #breaktherules)

You know those goals and dreams you carry around with you.  Oh my, please have the courage to live them, to act on them, to have the courage to go for it…. yes you have fears, yes it may all go wrong, but what if it all went right, what if you felt good enough, what if you liked who you are?  Live your life, make your dreams your reality.  And my goodness, tell those around you how much you care about them, what they give you, share and celebrate life.

Moments in history, moments in life make you think.

Everything can change in a moment.

Flight MH17 is the most recent of those moments.

Our biggest Energised thoughts and care are with every person affected, sending them all our support and courage.  Respect and love.

I went running yesterday.   I have wanted to run for a few times but my neurology has delayed this.  The moment I could go running, I truly felt grateful, grateful to just be able to run. How lucky I am.

As I ran, I thought… life is funny, you really never do know what will happen.  You never know where your life will end up.  You will have a plan, you will have dreams, yet things happen.

I have two quotes on vision board….

‘Tell me, what is your plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Oliver

and ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken already’ Wilde

My #MondayMotivaton for you is GO, Embrace Today, find good in each day and celebrate you and share with those who matter around you.

And if you are unsure I would love to support and help you create your wild and precious dreams into reality, and learn to love that person that is you.

As I write this, three amazing Team Energised people have completed great things this weekend… Claire D, Ironman UK, Penny Harris Challenge Roth and, Mark Maughan, Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon for Street Child Awareness…. these are incredible successes, by ‘normal’ beautiful people.

As I ran yesterday, I thought… there are no boundaries in life, only the ones you create in your mind.  Anything is possible, just sometimes not when you want it to be possible. Patience, openess and flexibility, courage and consistency, key ingredients to your contentment .

To your #MondayMotivation and Success.

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