#WednesdayWorkout: Running (Wo)Man…… Faster?

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Well, after a hugely successful Team Energised Sri Chimnoy Relay outing,  the Commonwealth Games about to kick off and our Head Coach potentially adding a crazy challenge to her charity list in early august (we can’t say yet!), we thought it only appropriate to give you some running drills!

How often do you do running drills?  Do you make time for them?  Do you think about how you run?

Often we just run, to improve our running. And wonder why we don’t get faster or stronger.  In order to do this, we need to mix up our training with Speed, Strength, Endurance, Base and Power periodisation cycles, something we discussed in a feature in Runner’s World UK earlier this year.

Combined with this, basic running drills can help to sharpen up your style, skill and strength. 

Check out our video here: http://youtu.be/w3CnUFtcABI?list=PLF09C111B6D993FF4

For Running Drills warm up and then do: 

50 – 100m repeats of 4-8 sets of the following: 

Heel flicks, Side Steps, High Knees, Bounds, Jumps, Hopping, Lateral Cross Steps 

All the time think about your head position and core engagement. 

Once you have done this, do 5-15, 50m sprints concentrating on technique, cadence and foot placement. 

Cool down with some core exercises, a good, long stretch and foam roll. 

All these exercises will be invaluable to giving you the edge in your training, just make sure you consistently commit to doing them once a week for 6 weeks to start to notice the difference. 

And get your trainers checked out, to make sure you are in the right shoe, plus a regular sports massage. 

For more advice or questions just give us a call 07720845849 or email info@Energisedperformance.com

For Great Shoe Check Ups & Gait Analysis we recommend The Triathlon Shop John, MOTI Martin or Sweatshop Heather 🙂 Just say we sent you along to be well looked after.  As Head Coach, I love running in Mizuno, not guaranteed to make you go faster but I’m focused… 🙂

Who’s going to the Commonwealth Games?

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