Energised Weekend Round up & YOUTube update!

What an AMAZING weekend of Energised Activity!

Over 20 ladies from Team Energised ran the 5 and 10k Race for Life, with Felicity Hula Hooping the whole way around – totally inspiring – she now deserves a Coach Top!

Neil, Cath and Sam completed the Roth Ironman in the speedy times – BIG respect to them. Dont know how they do it!

BIG Cotswold Swim saw some great results and Head Coach Kim took 5mins off her time from last year – exciting.

And now we have the Summer Meal and Sri Chimnoy Relays in the next 24hours, plus Day 2 of the Intensive 6 Day Bootcamp – welcome to join in any day – busy times!

We have uploaded some new YOUTube clips on Running Drills and Felicity hula hooping – check it out and let us know what you think: http://www.youtube.com/user/kimingleby

Photos to folllow – happy week!