The importance of Fun, Fitness & Friendship…

I started in the fitness industry a looong time ago!! Professionally about 12 years ago, and actively involved through sport since my early teens! My aim has always been to help others to feel good about themselves, and improve their fitness and wellbeing – whilst having FUN!

I love what I do and it is so wonderful to work with so many inspiring people, from all sorts of background, ages, sports, histories and life…

This week we had our 8th Annual Summer Meal with lots of clients coming along to Las Iguana, in Bristol (I think we will need to have a meal in London too as many people have requested!!).  We are all about a balance: so eating good healthy food, training hard, relaxing well and having Fun is really important.  I know my clients embody this to as through the meals people have now formed strong friendships, which results is lots of laughter, general teasing of the coaches and good times!

It is so important to make time in your life for the people who add value to your life – your friends, family, colleagues etc. Take a moment now to write down the names of 3 people who add value to your life, and make a point of doing something that reflects that to them in the next two weeks 🙂

If you would like to join ur Bristol Energised Christmas Meal you are very welcome and warmly invited – it will be on Monday 5th December – venue to be confirmed.

Following on from this we took a group of clients to run the Sri Chimnoy Relays in Eastville Park, Bristol. Last year was out first time, and all our clients gained so much from it and we had lots of fun! So we decided to do it again, taking 7 teams of 3 along. Really well organised and welcoming, the Sri Chimnoy guys looked after us all really well.

I am really proud of all our Teams – some completing their first ever race, others coming back from illness, and some really speeding round the mile!  To find out more visit

What the Relays also allow people to is support each other in a team, to work together and to have a common fitness goal to work towards.  By achieving these mini fitness goals, each person grows in confidence and believes they can do something more.  Following on from this we are taking people to 10km’s, mini triathlon’s, off road races and much more – just have a look at the Events Calender or give us a call to find out more (07720 845849).

So whatever you want to achieve, find a friend/family member that has a similar goal and sign up together! Make yourself accountable, share the experience , improve your fitness and have fun together.

Good times, Well done and Thank you Team Energised for being the best clients around!

To find out more about Team Energised, training with us, buying Energised Clothing or any questions about getting fit and having fun contact us on or call 07720 845849.