The Apprentice… Well Done Tom! Where are you heading?

A brilliant Apprentice Series… I do really enjoy it. Purely for a free business coaching session! I watch it thinking … what would I do, if I was in the task, what would I do if I was grilled by them…yes, perhaps different to many who watch it!

So … what would you do if you were in The Boardroom (I think I would have my butt kicked!).

More importantly – what do you want to make happen in your life?

What is your dream…. what is your ‘big hairy goal’ that you would like to make happen, if you just had the courage to begin …. !!

We are off to New York City for 10 days and will be creating some ‘big hairy goals’!!

We look forward to hearing what your ideas are, and helping support you achieve them…  🙂 Dream BIG and go for it.

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