Off to be Inspired …. The Apprentice Product Style I think!

My brother Fred has just graduated from Loughborough University in Industrial Design and Graphics ( I think that is the title!). Through his university career he has rowed at the Nationals, been a radio DJ for two years, worked for the Laughing Stock (Check them out at Edinburgh Festival – yum yum food!), travelled around Brazil, worked in Harvey Nicks Deli and amongst many things, produced a product that is on show at the New Designers Show in London!

His product I will not do justice … but if Alan Sugar met my brother, especially after the last task on the Apprentice, I think he would like him! Or perhaps one of the investors from Dragons Den… of course I am biast as I am his big sister but what he has developed, the energy and passion, determination and motivation he has is inspiring!

He has developed a pen which allows you to hand write a letter or document which automatically can be sent on email, no scanning required – bringing old school hand writiing and personalisation to life again… I am off to visit the show so I will tell you more after! And perhaps Fred will comment and update you all too.

What Fred shows is that anything is possible if you get focused and believe in yourself!

To find out more visit:

Have a great weekend everyone and a BIG WELL DONE to my brother – I am very proud of you! Ergh – big sis hey 🙂

ps. Intensive Bootcamp starts Monday 11th July and the Summer Meal is then too – join us.

PS – an old photo of my brother Fred and Sister Rosie – there is another Mungo, and a step sister Ella!