Energised #MondayMotivation, #vlm & #bgt style!


I hope you had  a wonderful weekend? What beautiful weather, I love the Spring Sunshine, fresh and inspiring.

Monday Motivation…

First up, the BIGGEST Well Done to Suzanne Roper, Claire D, Claire L, Claire H & Fiona Bulger completing the London Marathon, totally amazing results, lots raised for charity and super proud of you all. Big Well Done!  Make time to rest, recover, reflect and recharge, remember it takes a little longer than you think and this is fine.

I watched the Marathon Stories and was totally inspired by some people…. my thought for you, ‘What could you do that would make a big difference to you and others?  It doesn’t have to be a marathon, or sport, just something that you think, if I did that, it would add value to my life, and others… it will probably scare you, but that’s because it matters, so commit and do it. Dare you.

Second up, Britain’s Got Talent… yes, but did you see this: http://youtu.be/hjHnWz3EyHs

I found it totally compelling and inspiring, showing you that truly anything is possible, it doesn’t matter what you age is, its about your attitude and having the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

So this week, I Dare you to sign up to something different, something that you really want to do… but have never had the courage to commit to before… then share 🙂 If we can help you achieve your goal, do let us know , more than happy to support you all the way.

We will share our ‘dares’ next Monday too, promise!