Victoria Pendleton & Melanie C launch new Shock Absorber Women Only Triathlon

Melanie&Victoria-4 Melanie&Victoria-7Looking for the next challenge in your training but not certain what to do?

Ever thought about giving a triathlon a tri?Melanie&Victoria-7

Human Race organise a variety of events designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced and have a very exciting opportunity in their Women Only series. Melanie C and Victoria Pendleton are joining Shock Absorber to launch the Women Only Triathlon at Dornay Lake, London on the 13th July.

The ladies will both be leading relay teams where 2 members of the public can win the chance to join their teams.

Or try the tri yourself with different levels to choose from as well as being able to enter a relay team, there are plenty of options.

Head Coach Kim is running 2 beginners TriGirl Workshops in Bristol, 27th April and in Stirling, 8th June. Do pop us an email for more info on these great sessions to

To find out more info about the Shock Absorber Women Only Triathlon check out