Easter #Energised Eggs….. #FridayFood time…


A Big Happy Easter to you all, may it be filled with happiness and good times.  We had a brilliant Big Beasting this morning? Are you racing or training smart this weekend? 

Today’s #FridayFood is all about Eggs…..

How do you like your eggs?!

So over Easter make a wise choice.

If you have a really strong goal, that really matters to you. Like a competition or a Hot Summer Bod, then choose a little dark mini egg, or make up a cacao protein ball or two!  Or you could mix up some yoghurt, Rawlicious Chocolate protein, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and berries, tastes yummy and lower in sugars, and all natural.   You have to think about the big picture, how important is your big goal, and how much of a difference will it make if you enjoy chocolate over the weekend?

Equally, relax and make the choice, don’t stress.  So if you want to have some chocolate, choose to do so and enjoy it!  Don’t eat it and feel guilty, as there really is no enjoyment there.  So make your choice, enjoy your choice and have a happy, happy Easter.

If you choose to eat chocolate, don’t then reduce or skip meals to make up for the chocolate eaten. You need to eat regularly, good fresh foods, protein, loads of veg, essential fats, hydrate… this will balance your blood sugars, reduce cravings and stabilise your energy.  Think wisely and choose smart.

If you’re not sure just ask us.

Aside from the chocolate eggs… we love chicken eggs!  Boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, omelette… add spinach, watercress, parma ham, chilli, avocado, black olives, so many yummy options.

So think outside the egg box and enjoy your Easter, and your eggs, however you choose to have them!

And take a moment over the break to reflect on how your goals are coming along, what you have learned… then celebrate you success, refine your goals and commit to making things happen. Next review point is second Bank Holiday in May… around 6 weeks of focus. #SummerHotBod time!

Do join us on 2nd May for our 10th Birthday Party at Goldbrick House, 7pm,and for our Charity Bootcamp on 3rd, 10.30-12 for local Bristol Charities, everyone welcome.

Big Happy, Wonderful Easter to you all, let us know how you have your eggs!