Energised #WorkoutWednesday…. what are you doing?

Following our popular trend on our facebook page, we thought we would start to share our #MondayMotivation, #WorkoutWednesday & #FridayFood with you.

Brief little nuggets of inspiration to keep you focused and on track.

Today… one we have used but love is the Side Plank: Check it out and try it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPlv_aO0oA0&list=PL3503925E102A456C&feature=share&index=2

The Side Plank helps to strengthen your obliques (the side muscles in your stomach), define your waist, stabilise your hips and balance your running gait (along with a few other exercises).  If you have shoulder problems do the side crunch, and build up to stabilising the shoulder and progressing to this.  If you find it easy, we love to add a kettlebell in the extended arm.

Let us know how you get on… what is your chosen move, keep an eye on your nutrition and have a great St George’s Day!

Happy #SummerHotBod Focus, let us know if we can keep you accountable.

ps. Energised 10th Birthday Party & Charity Bootcamp, 2nd and 3rd May 2014, everyone welcome.