Can you be Fit and Travel in your Life?


It’s an interesting question… and one which many of my clients do. I wonder where you are reading this blog right now? I am writing it in Elstree Holiday Inn, after a brilliant workshop with Nigel Risner, followed by dining next the crew from Dancing on Ice.

I have had a busy few days, travelling from Paris on Friday evening, back late on Sunday due to the delayed flights, quick ‘touch down’ in my bed in Bristol, before an early drive up to Elstree yesterday. Some of you may think that sounds pretty cool, and others, take a rest…

I’m telling you this to set the scene and get you thinking about yourself. Are you fit and prepared to travel?

I often travel for the day, but not quite so often for nights away. Therefore it was a really good lesson in many areas of awareness. I really believe that you have to be fit to travel, so that you can be your best, wherever you may be. So here are my thoughts for you to consider …

Things to consider in advance:

Travel – how you are actually getting there? Sound obvious, but how long will it take you…. And therefore get prepared, think ahead and be aware of your posture, hydration, nutrition and sleep. If you can get up and move about, do. Think about how you sit, correct yourself, take deep breaths, relax and stretch if possible. Drink more water than you would normally to boost your immunity and energy, especially if you are flying. Eat as normally as you can, and don’t add meals or ‘treat’s just because you can or are being asked. Finally, get as much good quality sleep as you can, and if you can’t sleep, rest, meditate and re charge. Your aim is to arrive at your destination feeling as well as possible, so prepare.

Reflect – I think that travelling is a great time to reflect, it gives you random moments in anonymous places to reflect on your life. Perhaps a little too deep a thought, but I believe it is really helpful & its a place you can choose to switch all ‘contactable devices’ off. In that ‘empty’ space you can ask yourself, am I happy right now? In all areas of your life from fitness to wealth, wellbeing to love, happiness, fun, family etc. Write down the things you are happy with, and then three keys things you would like to change & make happen over the next 3 weeks. Action them when you return home. Try this the next time you travel, you will really add value to your life.

Adventure – be it for work, with family, friends or on your own, see travel as an adventure. Remember as a child, for the most, when you went anywhere it was exciting. Okay, so now it may not be exciting, but I aim to see it as an adventure. By doing this I am open to opportunities, conversations, sights and new thoughts. I go with an open mind, so when I’m not working, I watch, listen and learn from the new environments I am in. Try this, write down 3 things you have learned about your travels… this can be from a day work trip to London, or a holiday. There is always something to learn, grow and laugh about. And I add laugh, because life is an adventure, travel is an adventure and the best laid plans rarely happen, but what you learn on the way is invaluable.

Value – This links closely to adventure, and value about life. Every day if you choose to think that way, you can find some to value about your day. And okay, I know some days are just really challenging and you may not find a thing to value, but that’s okay for the day (don’t worry). As you travel, ask yourself, what do I value about this trip? How does it add value to my life? Now this could work one of two ways, by highlighting the value. Or, with some people I coach highlighting the lack of value, which catalzes them into changing the way of working. Because they realise that they actually prefer and value family time at home more. Understanding what your values, beliefs and identity are, is key. Neurological Levels and Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs are both good things to read to understand this more.

Exercise & Energy – I really believe that whilst you travel it’s key to move your body, combined with the best quality sleep possible. However, I totally agree that this can be challenging as you are out of your routine. I love to train in some way, most days as it makes me feel good. Yet, firstly you do have to ask yourself, ‘Is it of benefit for me to train or rest?’ thinking about travel, sleep and giving your best if you are working. As a Coach I would always recommend you aim to walk for a good 20mins morning and evening, stretch & do light core exercises whatever. This unwinds your body from travelling, stretches the muscles and helps re set your bodies energy, often aiding in sleep. If you like to exercise, its totally possible to train anywhere… all you need is a pair of trainers (ladies your Shock Absorber Sports Bra too), a map and a sense of adventure. I have run/walked and explored so many cool places, that if I had not taken my trainers, I would never have seen. So try it…. Just be safe and sensible too! Also take a resistance band, with this and a hotel bed/chair you can do a body weight strength routine easily… squats, tricep dips, lunges, bicep curls, press ups, burpees etc (if you would like a travelling plan just let us know). Or, you can choose a hotel with a gym, or visit a local gym nearby… if you want to exercise and move your body whilst travelling, it is possible, you just need to plan it in. Do let me know where the best place you have trained is?

Learning – Linking ‘Travel’ all together is learning. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you meet you have the opportunity to learn. When you travel, this is one of your biggest opportunities to learn and grow. From meeting new people to experiencing new cultures, sport and business environments, reading books, magazines, listening to podcasts, eating different foods… the list goes on, and anything is possible. You will learn about yourself, learn about what matters in your life and you can take those learnings (positive and limiting) and adapt them into your life. Be open, be aware and see what you learn next time your travel…

So if you travel to work in your local village or your travel long haul flights every month, this blog applies. It doesn’t matter how far you travel, because really travel is a metaphor for your life. We are all on a journey, and we never really know where the end destination is.

However, as you are on the journey of life try these points every day, and you may just find great opportunities, change and growth happening for you.

And remember, if you are travelling a lot and life is ‘busy’, balance is key. The opposite to travel, is the ability to just be in the moment. The ability to not do anything, to allow yourself the time to relax, reflect, recharge and re balance. The learning of balance for optimal contentment is they real journey in life.

I would love to know your best and most challenging travel moments…. The tiny ones and the big ones.

To a wonderful year of adventures for you all, #Make2014Brilliant.

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