Monday Motivation: Are you in the Comfortable Crack in your Sofa of Life?

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Monday morning…. how are you? Did you see Jenny Jones medal at the Winter Olympics? AMAZING & I Loved the Interview, brilliant.

I’m probably one of those really annoying people in life who loves the mornings, and love’s Mondays… its the start of the week, the start of possibilities and opportunities.

Stay with this mini thought, it may just change your week, just a tiny bit.

I had a client last week who I had not seen for several months, on arrival, I asked, how are you? As you do…. his reply… Kim, I’m really good. I have worked out that I actually love a comfortable life. You know the comfortable crack in your sofa, I actually love that.. I feel content, relaxed and happy with my life. I don’t feel the need to run around crazily anymore, he’s only about 28. He followed on, ‘You’re not really a comfortable crack in your sofa kind of girl are you? You should try it!

I really liked ‘Dave’s’ Metaphor to life and thought it may resonate with you.

I actually really agree with him, that at times, it’s really important to just sit in the comfortable crack in the sofa of your life, to be in the moment, to feel content and appreciate what & who you have in your life.

Yet I also think many people get ‘stuck’ deep in the comfortable crack of their sofa, so it’s actually no longer comfortable…. it’s just safe.

So my thought for this Monday morning, as you begin your week is simple… are you content and happy in your ‘sofa’ of life… or are you just ‘playing’ safe?

Do you actually need to kick your ass out of the ‘comfortable crack’ of your sofa, get uncomfortable to achieve something even more comfortable and rewarding?

Update your ‘sofa’ of life… find a new groove, be that becoming fitter, stronger, leaner and more energised… to going for that job promotion, buying that home or finding your ‘love’

Whatever it may be, make sure your Comfortable is actually what you want… we get one life, choose how you spend your moments wisely….

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A mini Example of finding your motivation below:

New Client says….’I’m going to try and cut out sugar in my coffee Kim… sound good? I say why don’t you just cut out sugar, not try…. answer, ‘ I really like sugar in my coffee…’ Me, why do you want to cut it out then? Because the papers say we should…. me, ‘but why do you want to?’ Ergh… its Monady Kim! Yes, but why….? Big pause, I suppose it will make me feel better, and more awake when I take my daughter swimming early mornings, then I’ll get fitter and stronger for work, it could give a better impression, I look more energised, get more work, I’m more efficient….’ So you’re going to but out sugar then in your coffee? Yes (you are a ninja, I was warned!!), I can see why I should…. Always work out your WHY, it’s your MOTIVATION to stay on track, don’t just do it because you think you should, take ownership and DO IT. Just a thought ….COMMIT x

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