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Sugar Challenge

Sugar. Hmmm… what does it make you think about? Chocolates, sweets, feel good moments? Comfort and avoidance food? Or the white stuff that will kill your mood, energy and immunity? Love to know what your first thought is…

Because this New Year you will read & see a lot in the news about the UK Obesity Crisis, with over 50% of the population being clinically obese by 2050, and this is a conservative estimate. You will also read that Sugar is the new tobacco, causing more problems to you health, well being and mental state than you imagine.

Now where to being? Keep it simple, make small consistent changes and get really clear on your outcome, the why you want to, and what you will gain from doing so. If you don’t know what to do, just ask us. Comment below… sometimes getting fitter and healthier can be scary, confusing and overwhelming.

Yet, don’t worry if you didn’t begin last week, life is life, it’s a journey. Begin now if you are ready…

Make the changes so they are consistent, effective and permanent.

Here are 30 Mini Tips to help you feel Energised & Good by Valentines Day:

1. Keep a food and mood diary for a week, notice how things make you feel
2. Ask yourself, are you hungry, bored, thirsty or tired before eating
3. Move your body for a minimum of 60mins per day to boost your metabolism
4. Lift weights at least three times a week, even if it’s just your body weight, to build muscles and get your body working efficiently
5. Sleep, get enough so you body and mind repairs, and your hormones are balanced
6. Each week choose three mini goals to change in your nutrition, commit to making them happen, anything else is a bonus, but if you don’t achieve them, kick yourself!
7. Write your goals down, get the people around you to support you & ideally join in too
8. Know every body is different, so what foods work for one person, may be totally different for another, listen to your body
9. Avoid Comparisons with others, it will only sabotage your own focus and goals
10. Find someone you trust, get their advice and stick with it, consistently
11. Change your mindset, get OFF the diet, and get on a permanent long term healthy eating plan, this may take time but it will be for life and make you feel great
12. Think about healthy eating as a treat, as a gift to your body to give you what you want
13. Breakfast, switch those sugary cereals for simple, real foods – gluten free oats, berries, eggs, spinach, sweet potato, mix it up.. dare you to feel the difference
14. Preparation, preparation, preparation is key, make 10 minutes each evening to plan and prepare your meals and your families, cook more the night before for lunch, whatever you need to do, to get enough of the good stuff in, and avoid the nasty treats in your day
15. Lunch, pack it full of vegetables, protein and complex carbs if you are training smart
16. Snacks, if you need them, make them work for you… cottage cheese, veg, homemade humous, protein balls, chicken, change your mindset on what a snack is
17. Evening Meal, stirfry or pan fry chicken, fish and greens, season and spice it all up and enjoy
18. Cooking simple, fresh food is quick and easy, its just committing to doing it
19. Make the best choices when you are travelling, it’s often cheaper to buy the lean packs of meat and fresh veg than a pre packed salad… no additives, more quality protein and you feel energised from it
20. Remember, when you eat good foods, you can eat a lot more volume wise compared with a chocolate bar, so make sure you get enough to energise you
21. Get a picture up on your fridge of how you want to look, an image or quote that inspires you… stick it on cupboards, in your wallet etc, make it positive and work towards this
22. If you get it ‘wrong’ for a day, don’t worry, it really doesn’t matter, just get back ‘on it’ the next day
23. Allow yourself to have a couple of things you fancy each week, choose to have them, enjoy them and then carry on with your positive, healthy eating, because it makes you feel good and moves you towards where you want…
24. Hydrate, lots of water, coconut water, green tea, peppermint tea, the good stuff (reduce alcohol, caffeine etc)
25. Eat according to your size, shape and exercises levels, so if you are a 5ft lady who eats with a 6ft+ guy, you will need different amounts and that’s okay
26. Change your plate sizes, over the years our portion sizes have grown and so have our plate sizes, eat from a smaller plate, it will make a difference
27. Don’t be afraid of good fats… your body needs them and will feel good from them. Just avoid saturated and nasty fats, like wise avoid diet, sugar free foods. Eat real, fresh foods, in the right portions.
28. Reduce wheat and diary, it tends to have a positive effect on your energy, immunity and mood, but see what word for you
29. Decide when you are ready to make this change and begin, as we said in the beginning, slowly and consistently
30. Believe in you and the fact you CAN DO IT. Change your identity and move towards and fitter, stronger, healthier you now…

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