How to Make 2014 Brilliant, have a read


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & found the time to reflect, relax and re charge.

It’s a funny time of year, as I see lots of people saying…’I need to burn this off… and I’m, going to start to get fit/lose weight this year.’

I would say, STOP. Stop for a moment and reflect.

Reflect on 2013… write down the 13 things that you enjoyed the most and why, how did they make you feel, the 13 learnings or challenges you overcame and what you gained from the experience… and the 13 people who positively influence your life.

This is an empowering way to reflect on your year, whatever happened… then get present.

Don’t worry about burning things off, just get yourself into awareness again, think about what you are eating now, and make the healthy energised choices that will make you feel & look good, in mind and body.

Then as you sit down to write your New Year’s Resolutions (and you need to write them down, but you know that right?), pause for a moment and do it differently. If you always say I’m going to do this… and you have not achieved or sustained it, ask yourself why? Ask yourself what you need to differently to actually make your goals happen.

Ask yourself these questions…

– What would I like to achieve by my Birthday in 2014 (when you are how old, do 2015 if you a January Birthday) and my Jan 1st 2015?
– Then, ask yourself why you want to achieve this…
– Then, what will you gain and how will it add value to your life by achieving it
– Who do you need to help support you make this happen
– When are you going to begin and complete this goal
– Write it down, build a vision board, get a tune that represents success of this goal, surround yourself with positive role models and go make it happen

Once you have answered these questions write down 14 things you would like to achieve and why, 14 people you would like to spend time with, how and what you will gain. Then split these goals into really specific goals in each month, a max of 3 mini goals, clear and accountable for each month. These can include fitness, competition, health, fun, love, wealth, work, family, travel, adventure…. whatever excites you, but make it clear.

I will be doing exactly this… and if there are too many for 2014, I’ll filter them into 2015 and beyond, and will review this around Easter time if not before.

This is how you will make next year’s resolutions different to this year’s, if you have the courage to get uncomfortable, change your habits and go for it. When you are ready, I dare you…

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