Brilliant Results from Team Energised

Following in foot steps of the Yellow Jersey & Chris Froome & The Ashes, Team Energised headed to the Sri Chimnoy Relays, our 4th trip to this well organised event. WP_001435

With 9 Teams of Energised People, from first timers to speedy sprinters it was a wonderful, balmy evening.

What I love about Team Energised is the support and energy they give to each other, as well as their desire to improve themselves.  This is so important in life, as well as sport, so a big well done to the team and the support crew led by our ‘Mascot’ James, Michele’s speedy son who led in most to the runner’s and probably ran the most overall!  Harvey the dog came with Debbie & Dave Baber, I think he needs a Team Vest next year too, he is centre stage in the main photo.

Team 1, comprised of Energised Coach Paul, rugby Gwil & Lottie, who only landed from the Lacrosse World Championships a couple of days ago, they were certainly a speedy team, all posting 5-6min miles and winning the non club mixed team medals, good times! Team Energised Pocock, saw Danny competing for the first time, led by her Uncle & Aunt Tim & Debbie into the Family Team Prize, pretty good for your first race, good things ahead for this young lady. Team 4 Tina, Dee & Tacey and Team 6, Rhona, Mel & Helen are all inspirational ladies, overcoming injuries, joint replacements, illness and losing lots of weight… they all recorded great times & did themselves proud, good work ladies.  The boys, Team 9 & 10, Rich, Phil, Dave, Richard, Gwil & David all raced hard and fast, lots of competition & good results, well done boys!

Team 5 & 7 saw our competitive ladies pulling some Olympic moves and great improvements in speed, really well done to Lorraine, Kate, Michele, Emma, Jess & Kate.  And the final Team to get a mention was Team 8, Kalpna and Jenny (who ran twice), they definitely win the most glamerous Team, as well as running speedy times.

So an exceptionally fun evening and our own ‘Yellow Jersey’ moments with everyone looking great in their Team Energised Kit.

This weekend see’s Tim, Debbie Pocock, Chrissie W, Dave G & Rich Cole plus a few others take part in the Adidas 24hour Thunder Run, Louise & Lawrence get married & a few crazy ones take part in the Nettle Warrior, among a few other races!  Do let us know how you get on, we love to hear & share your success… Good Luck Team! 

If you would like to join our Events and get involved this is what is coming up: 

* Mon 29th July – Summer Meal ** Sat 3rd Aug – Charity Big Bootcamp for CLIC ** 20th Ocotber – Amsterdam Run Trip plus our Lean and Strong and Metabolic 4 week Boost in August ** You are all really welcome to come along to all of them, and our September Bristol course dates will be out soon

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