Event Massage with the Energised Sports Massage Team

Since 2002, Kim has worked at Event’s offering pre and post event treatment, starting with the Bath Triathlon, and being part of the Senior Sports Therapy GB Team at World Championships for the last 6 years, looking after GB age group athletes and going all over the world.  One of our talented massage therapists Gail, shares what she has been to us since joining Energised and heading out to events….

ICO b'ham 2013

As some of Team EP may remember from the She-Active Duathlon back in 2011, I joined the Energised Performance event massage team.
I’ve always enjoyed event massage from when I started at the Whitefield Volleyball tournament in 2010 to being absolutely shattered from last years Ironman in Wales to the exciting events lined up for this year.

It’s hard work but you get to meet and treat a wide variety of 1st timers to old hats, every one with their own story behind why they’re taking part in the event, it’s just so inspiring.

This year I’ve already supported participants at the International Combat Organisation’s British Championships in Birmingham, with the Dundry Drubber and Great Weston Ride coming up in the next week. If you’re taking part or supporting at either of these events do drop bye and say hello!

For anyone taking part in events see Energised Performance deals on pre & post massage treatments offered by all 3 Coaches & if you would like the Energised Event Sports Massage Team to come to your event just email info@energisedperformance.com. If you are a therapist and would like to join the Team just email us too!

Happy days , Gail