Passion, Purpose, Courage… Andy Murray, Wimbledone.. What about YOU?

What a weekend for British Sport, The Lions, Tour de France… and Wimbledon, oh yes!

1002452_10151772528176388_2114292072_nThere will be a few things written about the awesome Andy Murray I think…

So I will keep mine short for now, perhaps different & possibly thought provoking.

Andy is real.

Passionate with Purpose,

Courageous with Commitment

Focused with Fun.

If you watched The Man Behind the Racquet (Watch here: you will see just this.

Through life’s challenges and choices, he has achieved his childhood dream that he made happen, by committing to a goal.

He has made uncomfortable decisions, survived tough times, developed mental strength & physicality, surrounded himself with excellence & grounded with strong support.

He is wise, has overcome adversity & always given back through sport & charity, although quiet there is a authentic, humble man who has touched many.

He, like many has made us proud to be British, and proud to be a fellow Scot, proud to be from Central Scotland & proud to show emotion…

Sport, Music, People’s Life Experiences can inspire and motivate us, sometimes it will happen when you least expect it.

Something will just touch you, and you will think, yes I can do this, I can change and become a better version of me.

As Andy said, “I hope winning Wimbledon makes you all happy too….. and let’s take that literally.

What could you do with this wave of momentum and passion to make a change in your life for the better, & become happier in you?

Do not let your limitations limit you…. use them as a learning to become stronger, use them as a motivation to seek out the best and change.

So go & surround yourself with the best ‘team’ of people around you, make uncomfortable decisions, define your goal and commit to making it happen, live the life you imagine….

Andy’s Wimbledone, he kept his head and gained the edge with true sportsmanship…thank YOU Andy for the inspiration to us all, you are one great sportsman and individual. Brilliant 🙂

What do you want to have ‘Done’?

Do let me know…. tweet @kimingleby or comment below 🙂 Happy Summer times x

(Photo from Facebook Head page with thanks)