Ancient Secrets of Youthfulness…. An Alternative Energised Thought!

So a few weeks ago I went to watch a really good friend in Panto and she had this book in her dressing room – The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, which Bruce Forsyth apparently does daily (Read: .  It is based on 5 key exercises which the Tibetan Monks recommend to do daily to increase the energy in your votex and chakra’s.  Now to me it doesn’t really matter what you think about energy, as long as you are willing to give things a go!  My Mum is very open to many alternative ways of medicine, energy and healing so I am aware of this, however, I know may people who have gained energy and wellbeing from the exercises without this awareness.

You start by practising each of the 5 exercises three times, then over the course of 10 weeks you build the exercises up to 21 times each, every day.  There are recommendations about setting positive mantra’s for the day, drinking lots of water, eating good foods and raw eggs! Plus an extra chapter that is perhaps appropriate to to the Tibetan Monks where absenting from any physical relationship with another is advocated for eternal youthfulness.

Now I began a week ago on recommendation from my friend and the benefits she has gained! I have combined this new morning routine with the Infinity Pro Power Band (See previous Blog) to see if indeed, my energy and ‘youthfulness’ will increase!  My work involves a lot of physical & mental activity with my clients, which I love but can use a lot of energy.  I really enjoy heading out for muddy runs and exploring places but felt it would be good to have something that balances this more physical angle of my life.  I learned & practised Ashtanga Yoga (with Brigid Swanson in Bristol) last year and now I am adapting this into my day.

After a week I can say that it definately has a detoxing affect, I have drunk a lot more water and needed a lot more sleep which is unusual as my sleep is great, and my training load is not that high.  I have though woken more energised, and whilst it is difficult to quantify the benefits as I eat and lead a fairly energised, healthy lifestyle I would say I think they are there! I am looking forward to 10 weeks time when I am practising it fully, and if I am managing to spin effectively 21 times without falling over there may be some hope for me in Strictly Come Dancing ….currently at 8 spins, there is no hope!!

So if you are intrigued click on the link below and let me know how you get on…… and if you think in a few weeks I look 10 years younger, let me know too!! Thank you to my gorgeous friend for the suggestion… we can compare results in a few weeks!!

To buy the Book click here:

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