Energised Musing’s Whilst You Train for a Marathon…

The latest musing’s from EP Coach Alex, and like he says at the bottom, Head Coach Kim definitely shares his musing’s!
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Have a read of what Alex has to say…..
  • Whistle while you work… or in this case think while you run . Part of the great philosophy of EP is to help people to feel great about themselves both inside and out…to feel ENERGISED! This is a very quick blog about running as to me i think there is no better way for people to do this than to just simply grab your running shoes, i pod, radio , energy gel, whatever you need and your THOUGHTS and run! I shall endeavour to explain.

  • Im currently training for the London marathon so yesterdays training run was 13 miles, now maybe its just me but before i started this run i knew from experience that my mind would wonder into many thoughts, dreams, as i completed this and to me this is one of the most invaluable and enjoyable parts of this training. I see it as an opportunity to collect my thoughts, clear my mind and think about things as the world drifts past, in this case fairly slowly!! The other side of course is it provides a great opportunity to work on my cardio vascular fitness and get out in the fresh air.

  • To let you into my head here were some of my thoughts on my run
    Mile (1) My legs feeling were a bit tired from Tuesdays’ hill session at Blaise Castle , whoops.. mental note to self to leave more time between these session next time.
    Mile (3) Im feeling a lot better, it’s a lovely day , there is nothing i’d rather be doing and i have a general sense of well being
    Mile (5 )My mind wonders into what i need to do at work this week , turns out not too much so happy days and i can put that to one side.
    Mile (6) The Baywatch theme tune comes onto my i pod, nothing else need be said as im now running on the sand!
    Mile (8) I genuinely thought of writing this blog and wondered why it is my mind wonders whilst im running ….
    Mile (10) Although im feeling tired im also feeling very relaxed
    Mile (12) A Minor financial thoughts as my trainers are clearly approaching the replacement point , how much more money will Mr HSBC give me this month??
    Mile (13) I try to Concentrate on my form as fatigue sets in more, i keep a positive mind set to finish off the target. I feel a Sense of achievement once i’ve finished.

  • As you can see i hadn’t just been thinking about running ! This is just an example and I know in times of stress or when i have had more pressing things on my mind i have more often than not retuned from a run with a more positive outlook or ideas of what i need to do in relation to these matters.

  • The take home point…. in my eyes running can not only be good for your body but also for your mind, the next time you head out, pack your thoughts and enjoy the open road! You may wish to write down what you thought about at the end and if need be set yourself some goals around them.

  • If you want further proof , as you read this the director of this great company, Kim is probably running through a muddy field somewhere planning your next classes in her thoughts!!

  • Comment, “Yes, I think I was – a speed pyramid in the muddy fields of Blaise – I totally agree with your sentiments – running is a great form of meditation, it is where my best ideas come from and a wonderful way of energising your mind and body!” Happy days to you all….my BIG Hairy Goal is coming soon…..

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