Good Nutrition, Great Energy, Increased Wellbeing…..Guest Blog!

Freelance Writer Izzy Woods asked if she could write a guest Blog for us, linked in with Healthy Eating and giving a tempting link to last minute ski holidays….. we love skiing and run Ski & Board Fitness Classes so if we suddenly disappear you know why! Here is what she has to say…A good little read, thanks Izzy.

No doubt you are already doing your best to treat your body right in the New Year. Perhaps you’ve booked a last minute ski holiday and want to be in tip-top condition, or are determined to lose the pounds you put on over the festive period. Whatever reason you have for starting the year with a mind set to be healthy, there are a few ways you can use nutrition to energise your body and increase your wellbeing.

What you eat and drink play a large part in how your body feels, and we all know that the things we like the most are usually the things that are the worst for us. The wrong type of diet often leaves you feeling sluggish and unenergetic, which can affect your wellbeing. Here are some tips to eating and drinking the right things, so that you feel energised and healthy.

Avoiding caffeine and keeping hydrated

Try to avoid coffee and tea in the morning. In fact, all sources of caffeine should be avoided, so that includes redbull, coke, green tea, sports drinks, and chocolate. If you can stop yourself from consuming items with caffeine in them all day you will be giving your liver a welcome break, and your blood sugar should be able to balance itself out. If you are used to drinking tea or coffee and regular intervals throughout the day, like many people are, you need to supplement this habit somehow.

The best way to keep hydrated is to drink water, as everybody already knows. Water can be made into a more exciting beverage by adding lemon, lime, cinnamon, ginger, mint leaves, or even parsley. Warm water with squeeze of lemon juice straight from the fruit is a great way to start the day. This combination stimulates the digestive system and helps it to cleanse itself. The drink is actually very refreshing and will leave you feeling better than a caffeine drink once you’ve got over the first day or two of withdrawal headaches. You need to drink around two litres of water every day, and this will keep you fully hydrated and also help to flush toxins out of your system.

Food that gives you everything your body needs, and nothing it doesn’t

When it comes to what you eat, the things to avoid should be obvious. Fast food, packaged meals, cakes, biscuits, and any other sort of sweet foods need to be knocked off your shopping list. The number one rule when it comes to energised nutrition is to keep everything as natural as possible. That’s right, as many vegetables as you can manage along with other types of organic food are the way to go.

This may not be what you want to hear but leafy green vegetables are the best source of concentrated nutrition available. Things like watercress, kale, spinach, and collard need to be pushed into your daily diet whether you like it or not. Very few people actually eat enough of these, so make sure you’re one of the people that does. Other great veg to eat includes cauliflower (not with cheese!), brussel sprouts, and broccoli, because they contain lots of fibre and antioxidants.

Other types of food that really help your body include onions, garlic, and egg yolks, because they contain sulphur which helps to keep the liver healthy. Try not to eat too much fruit, because generally they have a high level of fructose in them, which means your liver has to process it. A small amount each day is ok, mainly for the vitamins they contain. Reducing the amount of fruit you eat will lower your sugar intake and help you to keep slim.

Sources of protein should be limited to wild fish and organic chickens. Sticking to white meat will provide you with the protein you need while avoiding the cholesterol you don’t. You should feel lighter after meals and will have all the energy you need to exercise. Avoid any type of processed meat at all costs. These are full or emulsifiers and the worst parts of the animal they are made form, and are of very little nutritional value.

Sticking to these types of foods and drinks will do your body wonders. It will eliminate the free radicals in your system, and a good diet combined with regular exercise will keep your mind and body healthy.

If you would like any Nutritional Advice or Support, and any Ski Fitness Training just let us know 🙂 Happy days.