Positive & Negative Ions…. what do you think?

A week ago our Head Coach was sent an Infinity Pro Power Band to test….

So what’s it all about and what do we think?

The Infinity Pro explains how we are bombarded with positive ions causing people to feel tired and lacking in energy. The Positive Ions are created from all sorts of things including exhaust fumes, electrical equipement, mobile phones etc.  These then create free radicals which damange the bodies tissues, cause aging and some disease.  Negative Ions destroy positive ones, balancing things and giving you lots of energy.

The Infinity Pro is packed full or Tourmaline, a semi precious stone which has scientifcally be proven to release high levels of negative ions.  From using the Power Band people have reported better balance, strength, felxibility, sleep mood, concentration, detox and much more!

What did we think…..?

A week into testing and I would agree! I sleep very well anyway but felt I slept much deeper, especially noticeable on the first night of wearing and bounced out of bed with even more energy than normal, even after a hard training session.  I would say there is a detoxing affect as I have drunk about 500ml more most days than normal. Circulation wise I suffer with the cold at Bootcamp, and my hands and feet have felt better! So overall I would highly recommend it, and think that anything that naturally helps to boost our energy and wellbeing is a good things! They are also bringing out an i-phone cover, which I would recommend if you have an i-phone of course!

To find out more about the Infinity Pro log onto http://www.infinitypro.com/

Thanks Infinity Pro for sending us one, and anyone else who has any feedback on them do let us know!

Next Blog all about the 5 Exercises that boost Energy & Youthfulness and how we have got on with that……