Cirque du Soliel – Boundaries, Confidence & Rock Hard Abs!

This weekend I organised a suprise party for my Mum’s 60th Birthday. She lives in Scotland, so we bought her a flight and asked her to meet us (myself, two brothers, sister and partners) at the Albert Hall …. the surprise Cirque Du Soliel Totem, one of her requests. We managed to get the most amazing seats, Mum was super excited and we all had  a great time.  But why am I telling you this…..

Well!  All I can say is that the performers from Cirque Du Soliel are amazing! I have seen them twice now, last weekend and in New York whilst visiting my Dad.

The Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Confidence and Energy each and every one has is inspiring, motivating and exciting.  The positions they manage to get into, and then hold must require the most ridiculous amount of strength and control. Plus if anyone is looking for an excellent visual for Rock Hard Abs, Perfect Posture & Core Strength this is definately the place to go to!! The body definition combined with the control, power and confidence was inspiring! Look out Team Energised Clients….

I just wondered how much you would be able to do with your own fitness, strength and confidence? If you just stretched your boundaries by about 10% what would be possible? Often we limit ourselves by what we think is possible for us, yet actively encourage and support someone else in achieving their dreams.

This month’s Women’s Fitness Magazine has a feature from Alevtyna Titarenko from Cirque Du Soliel about her workouts and how to gain a strong, lean and confident body! Her Aerial Act was simply breathtaking and the positions she held I can only imagine trying in my dreams!!  Check out page 42 – 45, in the Feb 2012 Issue (You can subscribe for £1 a month too!)  and see her in the Aerial Gymnastics section – breathtaking summarises it well.

I wonder if you stretched your boundaries, and did something different how you would feel. I am sure that if I did a workout with the Cirque Du Soliel athletes I would not be ‘fit’! Perhaps we should try that – it could be interesting….! Yet in my every day life I am fit and strong.

So if this week you did something different, trained differently, ate wisely, spoke positively to yourself and stretched your boundaries by 10% what would you find yourself doing and aiming towards by the end of the week?

And to those of you who say you can’t or don’t know how ….. here is some evidence from every day clients who had the confidence and stretched their boundaries … Felicity – 2 years ago she couldn’t really even walk or stand up straight now she is hula hooping 5km easily, Rhona had a swelling on her brain and couldn’t remember who I was (some may like that concept after a PT Session!) and is now returning to Bootcamp, Rachel had never done any real fitness and she trekked to the North Pole, Adam suffered a complete physical and mental breakdown, returning to run a half marathon with his life and confidence re energised, ‘A’ is short listed for the Olympics this year following a major hip operation, and Sophie qualified for Kona IM first time, and placed top 10 whilst working full time!

Anything is possible – you just had to find out what you want to do, focus on making it happen, getting the support in place to make it happen and believing that you CAN DO IT.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts…. and if we can help in anyway to increase your confidence & fitness to achieve anything from starting fitness to a crazy charity challenge or race do let us know.