Supporting TEDx Tegan Vincent Cooke & Fi Radford

November 2019 saw TEDx Bristol going live with an incredibly diverse and inspiring line up of speakers. I was lucky enough to support Tegan Vincent Cooke & Fi Radford as a previous TEDx speaker, supporting them with mindset, confidence and my experiences. I’m privileged to share a little insight from Tegan, and both of their TEDx talks, I hope you enjoy them.

My name is Tegan, I’m a 18 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I’m a disability activist, motivational speaker, YouTuber and Paralympic Dressage Rider. I’m trying to get to the 2024 Paralympics but it’s a bit harder than you’d think, especially when you don’t have your own horse! But I hope that with everyone’s support I’ll be able to get one this year to train harder and make my dreams come true. 

Instagram: Tegan.vincent.cooke

YouTube: Tegan Vincent-Cooke 

Fiona Radford’s TEDx Talk

Tegan’s TEDx Talk

If I can help support you overcome your fears of public speaking, grow in confidence and achieve your own TEDx talk, just get in touch to discuss. It would be my privilege.

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