Jobu are sharing their latest techniques in Improving physical, social and mental well being

Local Bath company Ca20 Ltd and Dr Gareth Wiltshire from Bath/Loughborough University have developed 7 interventions for improving physical, mental and social wellbeing based on international research.

Here they take us through their work…..

Konnichiwa! Improving physical, mental and social wellbeing.
We are on a mission to make inclusive, affordable, on-demand physical activity and fitness classes accessible to everyone in a socially responsible, motivational, efficient and convenient way.

Jōbu 丈夫 – is Japanese, meaning robust, durable, sturdy, strong, healthy. This is name of our free mobile app for booking physical activity with local personal trainers who support your local community, family, friends and 10 charities while you improve your physical, mental and social wellbeing.

We have been working with University of Bath and Loughborough, reviewing reports and research from Sheffield Hallam, Sapienza University of Rome, Pierre Bourdieu publications, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, University of Bristol, British Heart Foundation, Sport England, etc…, and with Training businesses across London to identify 7 interventions which lead to improved physical, mental and social wellbeing;

  • 1. Social – encouraging group participation and social interaction with couples, family, friends and new connections
  • 2. Outdoor – encouraging outdoor physical activity in the natural environment
  • 3. Charity – supporting a cause you feel passionate about
  • 4. Inclusivity – making efforts to ensure anyone can be included and everyone feels welcome
  • 5. Affordable – providing options of discounts and free sessions
  • 6. Rewards – regular and random intrinsic rewards
  • 7. STAGs – short term achievable goals. Physical, mental and social.

The app; Translating these interventions into an app has been a fun challenge, using Behavioural Science, ‘nudge’ techniques, to encourage users towards the behaviour that improves their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Jōbu uses images, vocabulary, user flow and rewards in a natural, friendly, social and supportive app experience.

We believe that everyone has some level of fitness, it is important to; keep it, not lose it, increase it, do it with friends, make new friends, support charity and improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing for yourself and those around you.

Social Return on Investment
A report by Sheffield Hallam University, in partnership with Dept Culture Media and Sport and Sport England showed that every £1 invested in physical activity led to £1.91 of social value generated for individuals and society through improvements in Mental Health, Physical Wellbeing (cancers, diabetes…), improved educational achievement and crime reduction…

Getting engaged!; We have onboard 10 national charities that see improved outcomes from physical activity and who will benefit from people taking part.

We have already engaged with UKactive, Social Enterprise UK, Sport England, Greater London Authority, NHS Social Prescribing, Healthy London Partnership, YMCA (both the charity and recognised Personal Trainer qualification business) and the like minded Trainer businesses themselves.

We continue to support NHS Social Prescribing initiatives, engagement with social impact businesses and continue to develop the behavioural science, ensuring we help people from all walks of life stay socially active.

Organisations; will be provided a free referral code for employees to download Jōbu. HR departments can; provide, in recognition of charity credits gained, enhanced employee benefits; associate charity credits with improved levels of; presenteeism, productivity, staff retention; offer to donate £1 for every charity credit, to the employees chosen charity.

How’s it going?; Several of the Trainer business are already implementing some of the interventions, working with housing associations, local councils, local large corporates and supporting charity. This has led to big increases in those taking part, bringing their friends and building social connections and ‘moderate commitments’ to continue the wellbeing journey for themselves, friends, family, colleagues and local community.”

The Jōbu app is planned for launch in the summer.

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