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“As a distance cyclist I would sometimes get pins and needles in my hands…. Sometimes a weakness in the arm muscles can come from an entrapment of the nerves that run from the brachial plexus down through the arm to the hand.

Nerves: Axillary, Musculocutaneous, Median, Ulnar, Radial

Signs of nerve entrapment can be loss of sensation in certain areas of the arm or fingers.

If we look at ulnar nerve entrapment, this is indicated by loss of sensation, or tingling, in the little and ring fingers. The most common cause is entrapment near the elbow and can happen following repetitive elbow flexion e.g. gripping bicycle handlebars, where you lean on the elbow and wrist for long periods of time.

A strong core helps to maintain a correct position and weight distribution while on the bike i.e. not putting your weight through your hands, especially as you near the end of a distance ride and fatigue sets in, as well as shoulder, arm and hand strengthening.

Manual therapy can increase the range of movement in the shoulder and arms, lessening the entrapment to allow for strengthening. It can make a big difference to a regular cyclist and mean your long saddle days are more enjoyable.”

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