4 great points: Comparison is the thief of joy


I love Sarah’s blog! Please have a read….thank you Sarah xx

Being asked to write a guest blog for Energised Performance is a real pleasure, and incidentally very timely and appropriate to a few things going on for me right now. I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with Kim and the Energised Team over the last couple of years, and have also been a keen Crossfit enthusiast alongside. I’m currently training for a few big events which is tough but really enjoyable. However, we sometimes need to take a moment to reflect positively on just how far we’ve come… which is exactly what this blog is about 

You spend your days enjoying your fitness routine, always striving to improve and setting new goals (hopefully!) But some days, you just feel a bit deflated. The person next to you got a better a score on the board, you didn’t do as well as you hoped, you might feel like everyone else is improving and you’re not. They did more press ups, perhaps ran a bit faster than you, maybe you feel like you’re getting left behind. STOP! Hold on a cotton picking minute and remember a wonderful phrase by Theodore Roosevelt… “Comparison is the thief of joy”. There are some really important lessons to be taken from these very simple yet effective six words…

1. Sometimes we’re just having a “bad” day. Training and performance relies on so many things; sleep, nutrition, rest, recovery, stress levels, energy levels, you name it. Just because you did a certain weight or certain number of reps last time, doesn’t mean you’re always going to be there. I’d say that as long as you’re hitting say around 85-90% of your max effort consistently every time you train, you’re definitely heading in the right direction. Don’t beat yourself up, small changes = big changes 

2. Look at where you started and don’t compare your ‘start’ to someone else’s ‘middle’. Take a look around you and notice how many differences exist – those differences are what makes each and every one of us good at different things. It’s natural to compare yourself to others, and it’s good to have goals and a bit of healthy competition, but let that be a positive influence not a negative one which takes away from the awesomeness that you already are. Reflect positively and use your experience to set goals and strive forwards, not wallow in what happened yesterday 

3. Train your weaknesses, but not to the point that you create more weaknesses. If you know you’re not as strong in some things as others, practice them and make them part of your fitness routine, but don’t focus exclusively on them and on nothing else – it’s all about finding a good balance 

4. Enjoy training! At the end of the day, training should be fun. It should bring results, but ultimately should be fun. So get out there and have fun, do something you love and spend time with positive people, because soon – you’ll be one of those positive people that other people aspire to, whether you realise it or not! 

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