A quick thought that I hope makes a difference to you….


A simple thought for you this weekend….

Right…. Please remember that to get results, look and feel good, in your mind and your body you need to EAT regularly, eat good, fresh, nutritious food, plan, prepare, commit to achieving what you want. Not eating, restricting calories, saving calories for the weekend, highs on sugar, over training, then over eating, under recovering will only make you more tired, hold body fat and affect your mood, hormones, recovery and immunity…. I know, honestly I do that its difficult and a challenge, but trust me… eating lots of fresh food, having lots of good sleep, thinking happy thoughts, learning to like yourself, training smart, laughing, letting a bad day happen is worth the challenge… it’s worth the habit change. So find someone who get’s YOU, who understands your why and your motivation, work out the changes you want to make and embrace the challenge… I’ve had too many new clients this week on crazy diets, reduced calories, doing too much, not having fun…. this is not what being fit and healthy is about in my mind… it’s about finding what energises you, about learning to respect yourself, about trusting the process and sticking with it, about realising one bad day doesn’t matter and that laughing at and with yourself is helpful, that life is a journey…. so please look after your lovely, amazing bodies and minds. I see your potential, you just have some ‘shit’ that you need to remove to realise how sparkly and wonderful you are all… and trust me, I’m probably the maddest of us all, but enjoying the ride, the learnings and the progressions is part of learning to lead a limitless, rather than limited life….. … I hope this is thought provoking and helpful, do ask anything and have courage this Lent. Have the courage to actually choose to let go of something you don’t need or want (rather than feeling like you are giving up something you want), by letting go of something, you focus on achieving something you want by Easter…. let me know how you go ‪#‎Kimpossible‬ x

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