Fat Tuesday, 2 Questions, 4 Pancake Ideas, 40 days…

Happy Pancake Day, I hope you are having a wonderful day…

Do you know what Pancake Day is though? It’s also known as Shrove Tuesday… the day when you examine what you may not have been doing so well at, and then ‘give up’ for the forty days of lent. In France it’s know as Fat Tuesday! The day that you indulge before giving up the rich foods… this is of course, a very brief overview but does provide a perfect day of reflection for two questions of thought:

1. What have you done this year, that you no longer wish to do and think?

2. What would you like to let go off, that in 40 days time will have made your life and thoughts better?

Write this down, and commit to achieving this during Lent, 40 days of Fabulousness I think is a good one!

And of course I won’t sign off without sharing a few Pancake ideas with you… there are loads of recipes without gluten or sugar, so you can still eat ‘clean’ if you wish, you just have to google it… depends on your goal.

Topping wise – savoury I am loving these combinations:

Feta cheese, tomato, basil, rocket and black pepper
Serrano Ham, red peppers, chilli and spinach

Sweet I think you may like:

Goji berries, sunflower seeds, lemon juice and manuka honey
Mango, Chai seeds, coconut & cacao nibs with lime juice

Love to know what you perfect combination is, and what you 40 days of Fabulousness entails!

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‘Don’t wait for inspiration to come and find you. Become it.’

Happy Pancake Fat Fabulous Tuesday!