#WednesdayWorkout, 5 exercises for cyclists

If you’re already a keen cyclist looking to improve your performance or giving cycling a go for the first time try theses 5 exercises from Men’s Fitness


Have you ever tried a Spin Class?

Spinning or Static Cycling (plus many other names) are great indoor classes that burn calories and give your heart & lungs a great workout. Most gyms run classes that are 45mins long, have some good tunes to keep your legs going and a fun atmosphere, some even have disco lights or a section of the Tour De France on screen 🙂


Head Coach Kim’s yearly Spinathon for Children in Need is coming up soon, though if you’ve never tried a Spin Class do take it easy as this is a 100mins session and if you’re wearing a Pudsey Bear outfit make sure you really do stay hydrated!

We have also confirmed the Energised Sports Massage Team will be at next years Great Weston Ride event again as well as a couple of Team EP regulars signing up for the ride itself. EP Sports Massage Therapist Gail used Spin Classes as part of her training for her charity rides across Poland & the London To Paris ride…..

‘Spin classes are fantastic for pushing yourself more than you can on an outdoor training ride as you know you’ve only got 45mins to do, no punctures, getting lost or sudden rain storms. They also give you a chance to practice hills and overtaking on a hill’