#ThursdayTherapy: Mirror – Check, Posture – Check….

With Christmas fast approaching, plans to visit family and friends often include travelling long distances or slow, stop/start traffic.

Your Posture when travelling distance is important as a passenger and the driver. The human spine has a natural S curve, whereas sitting for long periods and in poorly set up seating leaves us with a tendancy towards the C shape in the spine.



Pic from www.simplebackpain.com

When driving the neck can be thrust forward, and the arms overstretched leading to discomfort in the upper back & shoulders. The see saw motion of the legs with the clutch and accelerator, especially in stop/start traffic or staying in one position for long periods of time when on the motorway can cause imbalance in the hips, leading to lower back discomfort.


Get yourself prepared for the journey by trying these 8 Drive Time Yoga tips for before, during and after your trip. Stop regularly, keep hydrated and energy levels up with #feelgood food, and try out these few stretches to make your journey as comfy as possible.

Squats – not the glute and thigh burning type but the relaxed kind, this decompresses the spine and is great for loosening up the lower back. If you can’t get your heels down, stay on your toes and relax the rest of your mid/upper body.


Pic from travelstrong.net

Hamstring/Quad – standard stretches, holding for at least 30 seconds



Pic from mortonsfoot.com

Shoulders/Triceps –  standard stretches, holding for at least 30 seconds

And if you’re in the Bristol area during the Christmas period book in for a Sport or Swedish Massage, fix those little niggles or take time to relax and unwind. Also a great Christmas present too!

Christmas Opening Times – Book an hour of Sports or Swedish Massage for £35 (normal price £45) with Gail or Becky from 26th December to 3rd January. Contact us for more information about appointment times as we will be working different hours to normal, info@energisedperformance.com