#Energised #FridayFood, Drink & Skin



I love cooking, fresh food, real ingredients … they can make such a difference to how you feel, how much energy you have, your skin, performance and mood.  Think about it… how do you feel? Do you get hungry, cravings, mood swings, sleep well or find yourself waking?  All these things could be affected by what you are eating.  Let us know if you have questions and we may be able to help guide you.  Over the last couple of years on Facebook we have share our #FridayFood recipes and thought it was about time we linked these into Energised.

#FridayFood Recipe: 

Eggs…. read why here: http://authoritynutrition.com/10-proven-health-benefits-of-eggs/

Breakfast try this: 

Poached Eggs, on a bed of spinach, avocado and water cress, with black pepper sea salt and chilli, on organic rye bread with coconut oil 


Kale, rocket, radish, red peppers, wild rice with boiled eggs & tuna, black pepper, chilli, sea salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, enjoy 

Let us know how you get on… do take a picture and share with #EnergisedFridayFood 

Feed your body the good stuff and feel good in your mind and body … for more support ask us, keep the changes little, consistent and positive.

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Happy Weekends Team!

ps. Good Luck to everyone doing Race for Life Bristol, IM Frankfurt, Big Cow Triathlon, Cycling Festival Yorks, Barbury Eventing & Much more, let us know how you get on, tweet @energisedcoach or post below. 

Our Weekly No1 Recommendations from our personal testing for your Daily Skin, Supplements & Drinks…. 

Energised Skin: This week’s No1 is the FC5 Revitilising Kit 

We use Arbonne, it’s got no nasty ingrediants and totally natural, plus loads of great press on improvement of skin condition, reducing age etc 🙂 Head Coach Kim uses the Calm & FC5 range, for advice just ask us.

1. Go to www.arbonne.com ** 2. Top right hand corner click on Join Arbonne
 3. There are 3 ways to buy. Pay full retail price, but at 20% discount or at 35% discount
 4. Then scroll down and put our ID box below 440018218

Energised Drinks: This week’s No1 Green Tea – swear it gives me more energy &  even helps me sleep better

We are loving the Green Tea with Mushroom, definitely feel the difference. Clients enjoying the black coffee especially. The added mushroom has proven benefits to health, energy, performance & well being, we can send the video links for interest.

Energised Supplements: We use the Collagen Formula,. Amino Relax & Vitamin C mix, pure ingrediants and definitely helped our joints, and sleep. For specific supplements or any advice just let us know. Do come for the Live Blood Testing with Phil on 9th Sept for personal anaylsis, at a reduced fee.