#MondayMotivation: Are you going in the right direction?


I hope you had a great weekend? What a wonderful weekend of sport!

I loved all the sporting action from Tour de France, Wimbledon, Grand Prix to Team Energised action at Ironman Franfurt (Big WELL DONE to #mentalstrength Serpentine athletes Rosh, Stefano and Jen), Big Cow Triathlon, Barbury Horse Trials (Lucy Jackson cleaned up, awesome with 3 placings), Cotswold Big Swim and Race for Life, special shout out to Energised Sports therapist Gail completing, with Marie, Kalpna, Tina & Liz, wonderful.

So today’s motivation turns to a quote on my Lonely Planet Calender… ‘When you can’t change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails.’

My thought for the week for you is… are you on the right route to achieve your destination?  Are you doing something a little different each week, making small consistent changes, breaking limiting habits and forming new, more helpful habits to make what you want to feel, look and be happen? 

Many people we coach are clear on their goals but their habits limit them, take the time to identify what is limiting you and have the courage to work out  a plan to commit to changing them.  Others often fill their time with too many goals, a kind of scattergun approach which kind of acts as a saftety net as you have a reason why you have not achieved your full potential.  

Just a couple of thoughts for the week ahead, think about it and do let us know how you get on refining you route,

Remember it takes about 3 weeks to break a habit and another 3 to embed a new one, with consistency and awareness, so keep that focus for 6 weeks.

Equally you may be on track to your destination, so please, make sure you enjoy the route and have lots of fun.

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