#Energised #WednesdayWorkout – The Buttocks


There are two areas that are hot topic of conversation for your to work in July….

Your Buttocks & Your V Lines (Oblique – Side Stomach Muscles).

Both have been ‘featured’ in all the Nationals including the Times Saturday Magazine & Womens Health Magazine.

This week we will give you a Buttock Workout… next week V lines (or Love Lines as some people are calling them!)

All to give you the confidence to feel good this summer, improve your posture, reduce injury risk, speed and much more ..

Try this: 

Warm up then.. Skipping, light run/cycle:

Paired exercises for Fat Burn & Buttock Strength – Harder option in brackets: 

1A. Gluteal Bridge (weighted single leg if you can) – 60 secs 

1B. Depth Squats (into a tuck jump) – 45 secs 

2A. Multi Direction Lunges (with two kettlebells) – 12 each leg at 12, 2, 4, 6 o clock angles – watch technique 

2B. Squat Thrusts (60secs) – 30 secs 

3A. Deadlift – with strong technique, ask if you are unsure (weighted bar) – 15 reps 

3B. Side Shuttle Runs – 2 paces each side, fast pace (45secs) – 20 secs 

4A. Step Ups (holding 2 kettlebells, higher step) – 10 each leg (15 each leg) 

4B. Box Jumps (high as you can comfortably jump) – to fatigue 

Aim to do 2-4 sets depending on your time, fitness level and technique, 

Stretch and cool down. 

Check out Women’s Health UK for more info this month on Buttocks! http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/ #thebody2014

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