#WednesdayWorkout – Love to know – Back care check list below 🖍

Always remember to look after your back, your spine, your posture, it’s quite amazing what it does even though you can’t see it too well! Autumn is often a time when we become cold and hunched up, so as well as making sure we have good layers and clothing, think about these three questions.
Check list ☑️
✔️how’s your posture when you sit, stand and drive. Think about breathing deeply, lengthening your spine and engaging your core.
✔️strengthen your back muscles as much, if not more than your front muscles, keep it balanced with core exercises and the bigger back muscles
✔️check in with your digestion, emotions, energy, mood… so much happens from your spine, it’s the foundation of you. Be mindful of your thoughts, hydration and food to look after it
Just simple tips to get you thinking, if I can help at all please do reply, we would love to help you….
Stand tall and be proud of you, big support Kim
Take a look at these common postural issues and how to help fix them….
For more and advice pop us a message or comment below, tag a friend to check up on your posture too!
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