I’m back in Top Sante Magazine this month, revealing the amazing benefits of 4 super ball sports including Netball, Touch Rugby, Hockey and Rounders. If you have any questions love to know and share.

Firstly, it’s likely that we were all made to play these sports at school, some we may have enjoyed, some not so much! As adults, they can be more fun and there are countless fitness benefits of all.

Netball is a fast and challenging game that requires flexibility and a great level of control, excellent for building physical strength, in addition to boosting your speed and agility. All that jumping also helps to build strong joints and bones.

Best of all, a 60 minute Netball session can burn 600 calories! Given you’re putting in the effort of course.

Touch Rugby, now a sport in its own right, is less risky than normal Rugby, it’s great fun and suitable for a variety of fitness levels.  It’s becoming increasingly popular with females and is a super endurance building and cardiovascular sport, in addition to being great for toning your muscles and burning fat.

Hockey demands speed, stamina and tremendous co-ordination. The fast pace of Hockey results in a boost to cardio fitness and balance, and the fact that it requires short bursts of energy increases the potential for calorie and fat burning. Hockey provides an element of strength training since you’re having to bend and squat to hit the ball often.

Last but not least, Rounders provides a fun way of improving communication skills, getting super active and having a great time! We tend to associate Rounders with fun more so than an intensive workout, but the fitness benefits of this game should not be overlooked. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, the swinging power that goes into hitting the ball is fantastic for toning the arms and the sprinting you do around the bases boosts your overall fitness. Overall, it’s great fun to play with a built in competitive element.

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