#SundayThought: 5 Things to be aware of & change this week…

My simple tips to help you, as let’s be honest they do happen but we can change them 


  1. Overthinking notice you are doing it. Then pause and ask yourself, is this helpful? No, change your state, just DO something to break the pattern of thought.
  2. Fearing change: ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen with change? And the best thing? Write it down. Then l, what’s the worst and best thing if you don’t change? Then go DO something to be present & enjoy the moment. 
  3. Living in the past – is this helpful, what do you gain by doing this? Often it keeps us safe or prevents us growing and realising some more of our potential. This week notice your stories and habits from the past & try a little journaling & @headspace app to become present 
  4. Negative self talk – it’s so common, the internal self sabotage but just pause, is it helping you? Some clients say it helps motivate them away from what they don’t want, and that’s cool. But perhaps there is a time where you start to talk to yourself more helpfully and move towards what you want? Think of three feelings you would like to learn to feel, like calm, courage, confidence, strength etc…. and three people who inspire you to believe in more. You can tag them to help inspire too 
  5. Trying to please everyone – often this leads to burnout, overwhelm & a lack of joy. Try saying no to a couple of simple things to develop a little boundary, this allows you to build your self worth & give your best to the people and things that matter most. Then be brave and say yes to something that takes a risk, for some this is a big adventure and for others this is actually a pause, which would help you most and when can you make this happen, even if five minutes? 


I hope this helps? Just choose one of these to work with this week, max three. Journaling, changing state, breathing, doing different is key.


Love to know which helps you most and who inspires you.


I wanted to share this as a Coach who coaches others I think everyone falls into one of these at times, and that’s okay, but it’s noticing it and changing.


Big support, your Mind Ninja Coach, Kim ⭐️#unlockyourpotential


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