What do you LOVE……?


This is a really mini Blog just to ask you all…. ‘What do you LOVE About Fitness, About Feeling ENERGISED inside and out, About Feeling GOOD ABOUT YOU? Who makes you feel Great, What makes your feel Great?

That’s all really! Just post a comment & share your LOVE thoughts today.

As Head Coach Kim this is what I love….

“I love the wonderful clients and people that make Energised, Energised! You really are the most amazing group of people to work with and it is a pleasure and honour to work with each of you, and help YOU realise your full potential. From my youngest Body Confidence client to my GB athletes, to my Media work and my oldest Client, you all Rock!.

I love running about in the mud, climbing mountains, swimming in lakes, cycling up hills and getting outside in the wind, rain, sun, snow – it doesn’t really matter, just being outside. The photo is from my weekend away at Lulworth Cove – pretty awesome for a February morning!  I love a challenge, an adventure, good times, taking photos, learning new things, reading, growing, stretching my boundaries and becoming a better person every day…..

I Love my gorgeous friends,  amazing family, beautiful god daughter & best friend, and of course my man! I have such a wonderful group of friends & family from all sorts of backgrounds from all the different things I have done! I love to travel with family in NYC, Israel and many other places, raise money through crazy challenges (so far £20k!), race cars, dance, go to live music, gallop horses and chill!

I could keep going but that’s enough for now!”

My Big Energised Aim really is to help people feel really good about themselves, inside and out, enhancing confidence and performance…. I hope you Love what we do and if I can make it better or you would like something more please just let me know.

So that’s in a nutshell what I love to do…. I can tell you more but that will do for now! What do you LOVE….

ps. Everyone who posts a comment about what they LOVE on the Blog will receive £5 off any course or service in March 2012 (not products).

“Success is waking up in the morning and bounding out of bed because there’s something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again.”  Whit Hobbs