Being Accountable…..

Who or what makes you Accountable?

At Energised we are all about supporting you to ACHIEVE Your Goals & Beyond. Following on from our New Year’s Blogs & Feature in this weekend’s Evening Post on Goal Setting from our Head Coach Kim, EP Coach Alex gives you a little Accountability check! Have a read….

A quick glance at the calendar shows that we are quickly moving into the middle of February ……
This would be a timely point to check in on how everyone’s goals that were set in the New year are progressing? Are those goals and good intentions you set yourself remaining strong? or are they beginning to waver? And have the cold mornings and evenings of late impacted on your training and desire to get out into the great outdoors? Or have you seen them as an unforeseen challenge that you are embracing?
I believe what is likely to play an important role in the answer to these question is the system of accountability that you have put in place around those goals. As you will have seen on previous blogs from our Head Coach Kim, we advise you telling two or three close people what the goals you have you set yourself are so that they can monitor your progress and keep you accountable. Have you picked the right people to do this? and are they keeping you in the corner of their eye at all times?? I am uncertain of the author with whom to credit this phrase but I think it fits nicely into this line of thinking…. “ show me your friends and I will show you your future” I personally think this is a great and telling point, if you surround yourself with imaginative, innovative , ambitious people then the chances are you too will display and adhere to these qualities.

So if your goals are running smoothly thanks to the support and encouragement of friends, family, colleagues then take a minute to thank these people for their support so far, however if your goals are not quite at the point that they could or should be at then ask yourself if you have the right support network in place? And do you need to make some amendments.

Another means to increase your accountability towards your goals is to make those goals public, now this does not need to be to the extent of which I am about to suggest but to give you an idea, post onto the end of this blog or onto your or our facebook page what your goals are! And then regularly post updates as to your progress. This is a great way to track your own progress and also allows for some self reflection and pride as you read what you have achieved in BOLD text before you.

Some of our many fantastic clients are using this system, perhaps some even unwittingly and I can see that it is serving as a fantastic marker to keep them focused and on track. I can also see the great level of support and encouragement that this level of accountability has generated for them which im certain is helping these people to keep striving onwards.

So as another cold night begins to set in, turn up the heating and settle in but remember to get that important piece of work done this evening, or leave your base layers and trainers on the bedroom floor for that early morning run because you should feel accountable for those activities if for nobody else but yourself.

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