13 Fitness Tips to Consider…

We thought we would give you a few things to consider about your health & fitness following lots of questions on our Facebook Group, and Twitter Feed.

February is a time where most people’s Goals waver a little,  so here are Head Coach Kim’s 13 Top Tips to think about… any questions do let us know.

By fine tuning your training and following our advice you could achieve great results, without taking any more time. Check it out and let us know what you think!

1.    Get yourself a bike – it’s one of the quickest way’s to get around a city, plus an easy way to stay fit, save time, get out in the fresh air and feel energised!

2.    Make time to develop a Strong, Flexible Body – to improve your performance, avoid injury, and increase muscle tone. Daily stretching and core/postural exercises for ten minutes, combined with general postural awareness, will result in big rewards in your training. Combine this with using a Foam Roller for the tight spots in your legs (especially your Iliotibial band & gluteals) & a Flexi Bar for strengthening your core area

3.    Eat for Energy & Good Snack Attack – plan your meals and week ahead in advance to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to give you lots of energy, boost your immunity and recovery quickly from training sessions. For great, well balanced recipes advocated by Liz Yelling by this book, “Go Faster Food” By Kate Percy

4.    Hydrate your Body – make sure you are getting at 1.5litres of water each day or to work out the specific amount for you try this: Divide your bodyweight (kg) by 0.033 = the amount in litres per day you need to drink   Top Tip: Buy a 2 litre bottle of water and make sure you have finished it by the end of the day!  Remember when you are training to increase your hydration, adding an Electrolyte to replace the salts you have sweated out! For simple electrolytes to replace your salts try Elete Electrolytes

5.   Challenge yourself & Enter a Race now – if you enter a race that makes you feel a little nervous, excited and challenged it will commit you to training and give you great results.

6.    Invest in your Body – a regular sport massage with a good therapist is invaluable to keep your muscles in good condition and help prevent any niggles turning into long term injuries. A Professional Dancer & Personality agrees, “The best advice ever given to me for longevity in your sport is: Have a sports massage regularly to stay supple and prevent injuries from happening rather then waiting until they may happen and risking your career.”

7.    Make sure you Eat Enough Quality Protein! If you diet is super good and filled with organic lean meats, beans, pulses and lots of protein you may be an exception, but most people don’t eat enough quality protein. Good quality protein bars (homemade is best) & shakes will speed up your recovery time, increase lean muscle, tone and boost your energy – so repair and replenish your muscles like a professional by trying some: from PhD Whey to Hemp, Pea or Sun Warrior Rice Protein, find what works for you. If you are unsure just ask us for advice.

8.Get in the Zone & Make Difference….boost your training sessions, and make sure you are working as hard as you think by investing in a heart rate monitor.  By working out your training zones you will gain more from your session & improve your fitness, speed & recovery more efficiently. (Quick method to work your zones out… Training zone : 226 (females – male is 220) minus your age divided by 60-95% – to find out more ask to help you.

9.    Think Smart –Develop Positive Mental Attitude. Write down what you would like to achieve with your fitness – make it specific, so that you are accountable and will know when you achieve it. Write down what you will look like, what you will feel like and what you may say to yourself, and others may say. Develop  a really clear picture with feelings and sounds. The more you believe in yourself, and visualise your outcome the quicker it will happen – from getting into your Little Black Dress to finishing the Marathon in your quickest time.

Top Tip: Let go of the word ‘Try’ and Just  Begin to DO IT!

10.    These shoes were made for Training! Look after you feet and take the time to find a sports shop that does video & gait analysis – one of the most common causes of injury is poorly fitting or old trainers. Most shops will offer this service for free, and fit you with the right shoe. Make sure you buy the right shoe for what you are doing – off road, cross country, fell, road, racing, triathlon – speak to the shop advisor as they are all designed for the surface you are training on.  If you still have problems then book a session with a podiatrist or physiotherapist to re align any biomechanical issues. Top Tip: Specialists recommend trainers should be changed every  600miles, or 12months .

11.    Get a Good Sports Bra (and training kit that makes you feel good) – essential – whatever you are up to.  There are ligaments in your bust area which will be stretched without the correct support so get yourself measured up and invest in looking after your assets! A great site to explain what happens, and see pictures of your bust area without a bra in action and with the correct support is Shock Absorber. Great Kit from Sweaty Bettty Ladies, Sweatshop & MOTI ladies & Gents!

12   Train Smart & Mix it Up – For the best results in your training, every 6-8  weeks change your routine, do different classes, weights & cardio sessions to challenge your body and avoid a plateau in your results. Every 5th or 7th week have an easy week to allow your body to recover fully, and to keep your motivation up.  Finally, only increase your intensity, or mileage by 10% per week, maximum to build a good training base, and avoid injury.

13.    Take Time out – to relax, recharge and do non sporty things! Really  Spending time with friends and family keeps the enjoyment, balance and motivation alive.  To set some goals in all areas of your life and make things happen, buy this book, The Big Book About Me’ by Nina Grunfeld (http://lifeclubs.co.uk/read-life-clubs-books#the-big-book-of-me price £12.99)

For more advice just ask us a Question! Each month one blog reader who asks a questions will win a 30minute consultation, face to face, or on Skype, anywhere in the World!

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