Our Head Coach Passes her Exams & Gives the Benefits you will GAIN from that!

I love the industry I work in, I really love helping people improve their physical and mental fitness, mind and body.  The industry we work in is always changing and growing at a fast pace, and there is always something new to learn.  It is really important to select what you want to learn wisely, so you can integrate it into the services you offer, adding value to your clients, increasing your knowledge and motivation and generally enhancing you to become better as a trainer and coach.

So that is how I came across the Effective Movement Trainer from PTA Global, which is an indepth course studying all areas which link Effective Physical & Mental Training by some of the Industry Leading Experts (Michol Dalcourt, Bobby Cappuccio, Ian O’Dwyer, Paul Taylor, Craig Harper and Oliver Scott) from around the World. I am really excited and proud to say that after many hours training, reading, learning and sitting around 12 exams and a long practical assessment day – I have passed – yippee!  A brilliant course, highly worth investing in.

The EMT Course summary is, “One of the most Advanced Personal Training Courses, formulated by the most forward thinking well recognised leaders in the Industry, giving you a comprehensive, indepth level of knowledge which is proven to increase physical fitness, brain functioning, energy and overall wellbeing….”

Below is a mini summary of what I have gained and how it can help YOU….. (more about this to come in the a few weeks!)

  • Advanced Human Design, Exercises Planning & Functionality so I can assess your needs even quicker and more efficiently.
  • Comprehensive In Depth Functional Anatomy & Myofascial Lines to really give you the best, most effective workouts to give you the quickest, best results to reach your goals.
  • Effective Movement principles, advanced postural assessment & specific anaylsis for the ankle, hip and thorax to reduce the risk of injury, epsecially in knees, lower back and shoulder.
  • Biomechanics & Motor Control for Sports Specific, Weight Loss and Functional Exercise
  • Advanced Self myofascial Release and Mobilisation Exercises & Foam Rollers – great to improve posture, reduce back pain and enhance range of movement for sports performance, especially tennis, golf and raquet sports.
  • Exercise Nutrition, Endrcinology & Hormonal assessment to really help you burn fat and become lean, strong and full of energy.
  • Advanced Behaviour change to enhance your Goal Setting, Body Confidence, Edge in Sport and Performance, combined with my Mental Strength & Body Confidence Coaching

So combining all the knowledge I have and adding this course to my skill set I will be able to deliver an even more Effective Energised Confidence & Performance System that will get you Feeling Good, Inside & Out, Increase your Energy and Enhance your Performance! Look out for our updated Proven Energised Coaching plans coming soon! But if you are really keen to get started, just be in touch straight away.

To find out more about the course as a Trainer visit PTA Global Australia & Optimal Life Fitness (Ask for Tommy(who is an awesome tutor!)  and say we recommended the course, then he will look out for you!) in the UK!

Happy Days and I look forward to working with even more of you, enhancing your Energised Potential.

ps. A thought…. what are you going to learn in 2012? I have two more learning goals to progress with…….